Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Castle Hill Stories
The sun was going down as Lauren walked into the house carrying a box of clothes. Nothing wrong with a box of clothes. However a box of designer clothes that a sometimes black Wolf gave you is a big problem. Big problem when your Mother's blue halo turns on the moment she sees the clothes.

"Where did you get those" The brow of Dawn turns in hard as she asked Lauren a simple question.

"I got them from that long dark haired chick that hangs with your friend Gavin!" Lauren looked at her Mother wondering why she was being a pain.

"Well that's sweet for you." Lauren knew her mother meant it but felt the strain of her words.

2 minutes till sun rise and Dawn is driving to Gavin's place. She pulls her truck into the driveway , looks around then walks to the door. She knocks and takes one step back from the beautifully carved door. In a short moment Gavin answers the door.

"I felt you coming here."

"Gavin no more games, who's the wolf in your basement?


"The Black Wolf"


"It just gave my daughter used designer clothes."

"Really, is that a crime"

"How about I whack you with this blue light that I have hanging around me. Then I go stack the black wolf in your basement. Does that sound like a plan?"


"Why not? Who is she?"

She's my Daughter!"

I have no idea how to finish this story.