Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Black Wolf

Castle Hill Stories
Black Wolf

The big fat colored Christmas lights gave the small town festival a charming flare. The air was scented with dried autumn leaves, sugar and cinnamon. Dawn and Aunt Vick strolled around the festival eating elephant ears and checking the wares in the craft booths.

Dawn checked up on her friends selling some of her craft pieces. She found that they had sold both pieces that had been brought and was asked if she had anymore pieces ready. She told them she’d get back to them early in morning.

Vick was off putting Trin on a carnival ride while Dawn finished up her business. As she walked away from the craft booths she felt the blue halo of protection surround her. She looked around for Gavin but she didn’t see him anywhere.

Dawn made her way over to wait with Vick for Trin to get off the ride. She checked her surroundings but still she didn’t see Gavin. Something had triggered the halo but she didn’t know what.

“Vick I’m glowing and I don’t know why. Do you feel or see something I don’t?” Dawn looked at Vick with concern.

Vick raised her hand to touch the necklace she was wearing and closed her eyes for a second. She opened her eyes and said “There is a woman watching us. Did you piss off someone’s wife again?”

“Must be a real evil wife to make this halo to go off. Can you find her?”

“Sorry I can’t get any direction on this with you standing next to me. Go take a walk. Trin has one more ride to go on and with you gone I might just get a fix on the woman.” Vick said and patted Dawn’s shoulder.

“Vick, keep your eyes also on Trin.” Dawn replied then walked away.

Trin got off the ride she was on then skipped over to the next one. Vick helped her take her seat then stood with the other parents waiting. Again she placed her hand to her necklace and shut her eyes for a moment. Trin whirled around on the ride and Vick’s eyes were welded to her.

People walked around eating and checking out the booths but this was what people did at small town festivals. So why was the halo in full blue form? What was the unforeseen danger? Dawn didn’t know because she didn’t have the courage to ask Gavin for the answers. She also didn’t want to explain to a vampire about her being a witch because she had already played dumb to the fact in front of him. How could she explain why she hide this fact for most of her life. How did she explain this to a vampire?

Trin’s ride was finishing as Dawn arrived back at Vick’s side.

Dawn asked “Got anything?”

“On your left side, long brown hair and looks to kill.” Vick said as she left Dawn and picked up Trin from the stopping ride.

Dawn turned to get a look at the woman. She was flawlessly beautiful but then again most vampires were. It was time to get Trin and Vick back safely in the salt circle. Safety! Maybe Gavin built the salt circle for more than one reason. Dawn pondered that thought as she walked toward Trin.

“Hey Sweetie it’s time to be getting home.”

“Mom I really had fun.” Trin said as she grabbed her Mom’s hand.

“Well Trin, Aunt Vick and I do try to please.” Dawn looked at Vick with a little bit of alarm in her eyes trying to convey the urgency of leaving.

The ladies walked quickly to Aunt Vicks SUV. When they arrived at the car a man’s voice said “Oh are you leaving?”

Vick’s eyes got large as she stared at the sexy man standing before her.

“Pull the hormones in Vick. This is my neighbor Gavin that lives up on the hill.” Dawn finished speaking and helped Trin get into the car.

“Well hello Gavin I’m Dawn’s beloved friend Vick.” She held her hand out to Gavin. With a smile he gently shook her hand.

“Dawn you never told me your rich neighbor on the hill was so charming.”

“Yes but if you think real hard you’ll remember the one wild thing I did tell you about him.”

“Yeah there is that. Why are all the sexy ones so seriously screwed up?” Vick flashed Gavin a sexy smile then walked over opened her car door and got in.

“Oh Dawn have you been telling stories about me?”

“Yes, Gavin I know I shouldn’t cry wolf.” Dawn rolled her eyes at him then placed her hands on her hips as she looked at him.

The look on Gavin’s face grew serious then he said, “Are you ok?”

Dawn figured he was asking if she had been lying in her driveway lately all beaten up. “Yes, thank you for asking.” Dawn paused then said “maybe you should ask your friend how I was tonight.”

“My friend?”

“How about we call her Black Wolf”

To be continued…..

Friday, March 30, 2007

Pink Wine

Castle Hill Stories
Pink Wine
Through the lace the sun beamed in on the pillow where Dawn slept. Her face was swollen from her soon to be ex’s visit. Still she looked peaceful sleeping there. At lease Lauren thought so right before she woke her mother up.

“Mom get up. Rise and shine sweetheart. I forgot to leave you a note yesterday Aunt Vick is going to be here today. She’s coming in for the Fall Festival.” Lauren said then took a seat on Dawn’s bed.

Dawn pushed herself up on her elbows and replied, “Good Lord. Vick could have given me some warning.”

“She told me on the phone that the stars told her she needed to be here.” For that remark Dawn smacked Lauren playful with a pillow then fell back on the bed.

Later in the day Aunt Vick entered the house and filled it with joy.

“Damn, that is one pink kitchen.” Vick said as she placed her hands on her hips.

Vick was a curve gal that all the men loved and she loved them right back. She even married one once. Vick always told people she wouldn’t marry again because the last one had the bad taste to die on her. The truth was that she loved him very much and missed him every day.

“Oh don’t start on me you paint your kitchen blue. You even painted the ceiling blue with little stars.” Dawn rolled her eyes at Vick and walked around the table to the sink.

“Oh you’re just jealous. Do you have any pink wine to go with this kitchen?” Vick said as she moved herself to the table and took a seat. Dawn smiled at her and got some wine.

The day passed and the two women caught up on each others lives. Trin and Lauren fluttered into the conversation from time to time. When the day was done the two women moved out to the back patio to share yet another glass of wine and a look at the stars.

“You have told me everything today and yet you’ve told me nothing. There’s a damn witches salt circle around your house and you haven’t brought it up once. Please tell me you didn’t do this?” Vick remarked as she turned her glaze from the stars to look at Dawn’s reaction.

“Well you know how I feel about the subject.” Dawn said she stared back at Vick.

“You know more about this subject then most and that damn salt circle is glowing blue. Trin and Lauren don’t see it do they?”

“No! Vick watch what you say in front of the girls.”

“Lauren is old enough to know what you are. Next summer we’ll all know if she is one of us. Don’t you think you owe it to her to prepare her for what might happen?”

“I have time Vick. I have time. I just want her to be normal a little bit longer. Unlike you I was born this way. I can’t believe you can see the blue glow.” Dawn was exasperated with her friend. Was now the time to tell Vick about the Vampire.

“Dawn we have been friends awhile and I know when something’s up with you. Just tell me what’s going on so I can relax.”

“The salt circle came with the house. So did the vampire in the big house on the hill. My ex-husband is going to screw up my life every time I get comfortable but hey relax your not me.” Dawn gave Vick a bit of sarcasm to chew on.

Vick made her way to one of the plastic patio chairs and flopped into it. She took a long drink from her wine glass and stared back up at the stars.

“Oh come on, say something. I get it that I’m screwed but where is the love and support.” Dawn said as she took a seat next to Vick.

“Maybe you’re not screwed. Maybe you’re are the path that your meant to be on. But damn a real Vampire!” Vick rolled her eyes and looked at Dawn.

“He’s good looking in a manly way too”

“Please to don’t let me meet him, I’ll fall in love.”

“I think he’s lonely too”

“Shut up! I’m getting wet.” Both women started laughing. Vick was happy because it had been a long time since she had heard Dawn laugh like this.

“Vick I’m glad you’re here. You and I haven’t torn it up for a long time. Maybe we should. Here’s to our next adventure.” Dawn said as she raised her wine glass to Vick. Just then both women heard a growling noise. Both ladies stared at a black wolf on the other side of the salt circle.

“Did you forget to tell me you met a werewolf by any chance?” Vick tried to make light the position they were in.

The wolf pace the edge of the salt circle as both women sat there wine glasses down on the concrete and rose to their feet. Dawn looked over at Vick and nodded then walked to the edge of the salt circle. The wolf moved to meet Dawn then let out a mighty howl. The howl was answered by a white wolf running toward them.

When the white wolf reach the black wolf it went straight to battle by jumping on its back and biting its neck. The two wolves rolled around and fought till the black wolf yelped away. The white wolf took a moment to catch its breath while staring at the women. Then it walked across the salt line straight to Dawns side. The wolf nuzzled its nose to Dawn’s tight, so she reached her hand down and touched the wolf’s head. Then the wolf ran off back into the fields.

“What the hell was that?” Vick said a little shaky with fear.

“Nothing but Gavin the vampire that lives in that big fancy house up there on the hill.” Somehow Dawn smiled as the words came out of her mouth. Poor Vick was making her way back to her wine glass for a drink but found it empty.

“Boy I hope you got something a little stronger then wine in that pink kitchen of yours.”

To be continued…

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Love From Fur

Castle Hill Stories
Love from Fur
The night sky was over head while she lay in the gravel of her driveway and cried. Her tear weren’t because she had been smacked down to the ground yet again but from the knowledge that even divorce wouldn’t rid her of Ryan. They had a daughter together and she knew he would use it forever against her.

Blood trickled from her nose and a small bit of blood showed on her mouth. She lay there feeling like a loser. Between sobs she opened her eyes and a white wolf looked down at her.

The blue halo glistened around her but still she reached for the wolf. With pain twirling in her mind she did the unthinkable she ran her hand down through the fur. The wolf groaned and nudged Dawn’s cheek.

Dawn sat up, pulled down her sweater and brushed off her jeans. With the realization that her soon to be ex-husband was truly a monster Dawn took the compassion from the monster in front of her. She wrapped her arms around the wolfs neck and hugged the animal. Her sobs had ended but while her head rested on the animal she got her head back together.

With a little scratch behind the ear she pulled away from the wolf. The wolf stared into Dawns eyes so she bent over and kissed it’s nose. “I’ll be alright now” she said in a small voice.

The wolf howled out into the night and ran off across the field. Dawn picked herself up off the ground as she watched the wolf leave.

“Bye Gavin!”

To be continued…..

Authors note: Sorry I’ve been sick and busy but I truly plan to get back to this story.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Witch Wolf

Castle Hill Stories
Witch Wolf
At midnight the wooden kitchen table told many stories. One end of the table had rainbows, castles, and ponies waiting to be colored in with the crayons that filled a basket. In the middle a cheerful bowl of apples and oranges filled the mind with autumn’s bounty. The other end had a stack of bills and divorce papers waiting for decisions to be made. Unfortunate for Dawn she was the one who sat there at midnight trying to make the decisions.

The phone rang and Dawn quickly picked up the cordless phone so Trin didn’t wake up.


“I’m going to be there tomorrow to see my daughter and that piece of shit house you moved her to. Don’t be stupid and try to stop me from seeing her.” The voice of her soon to be ex-husband Ryan sent chills through Dawn.

“Ryan how is this going to help anyone?” Dawn said

“I have a right to see my child and I have a right to see what conditions you’ve moved her into.”

“Fine you do that.”

“I will. Make sure you tell all your hick friends I’ll be carrying my gun. Don’t want any trouble with the locals.” Ryan was making sure Dawn knew his visit wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“I’ll pass that on to anyone that really cares.” Dawn’s anger was growing.

“Tomorrow then.”

“Yes, tomorrow.” The phone clicked dead but Dawn stood there for a few seconds just staring before placing the phone back down on the table.

Dawn shock her head and rolled her eyes with anger a few more minutes before the tears came. She had to be nice to him in hopes that he might give her money. Bills needed to be paid and Trin needed more winter clothes. Dawn was doing the best she could to scrape by. However being polite to a man that used her as a punching bag was something she wasn’t sure she could do anymore.

Needing to clear her head Dawn grabbed a flashlight and headed out to check that the barn was locked properly. She stomped out to the barn while the cold air whipped into her face. Ryan had already beat Dawn with his words so she didn’t feel the cold. She found the barn locked up tight just as she had left it. Working through things in her head Dawn walked over to a bench that sat near the garden.

Blowing out a deep breath Dawn tried to look at the stars but the tears came again. She bent her down and cried into her hand. Then she felt him. She pulled her head from her hands to see the freaky blue bubble surrounding her. This night wasn’t going to get better was all that her mind could think.

“Are you enjoying the show?” the sarcasm in Dawn’s voice was unmistakable.

Dawn watched Gavin float in a flash right up next to her.

“I really didn’t want to intrude. Why are you upset?” Gavin said.

“You mean other then I’m sitting here wrapped in a bubble of light that I don’t understand and I’m talking to a Vampire, right?”

Gavin laughed and sat down next to her. “I’m old, so I’m a good listener.”

“Oh, wow, vampire humor. Yeah that’s going to help me.” Dawn rolled her eyes and gave Gavin a nasty look.

“You stopped crying so the Vampire must have helped a little.” He gave her a nasty look right back.

“This isn’t vampire seduction is it? First I thought it would be better then this and second the last thing on earth I need is a man. Any kind of man.” Dawn turned her head to look into Gavin’s eyes to drive her point home.

“I don’t know about you but I could use a friend.” Gavin said.

Dawn reeled herself in from her anger. She had a lot on her mind and she was trying to understand this man, this vampire who sat beside her.

“Why did you build the salt circle?”

“That’s not an easy question to answer. I don’t think your going to believe me anyway.”

Dawn stood up and looked down and said “Have it your way.” She started walking toward her house.

“She tried to cage me!” Gavin yell out to her as he rose to his feet.

Dawn stopped and turned toward him but didn’t speak.

“She wanted me to make her what I am. I wouldn’t do it so she trapped me. She planned to offer herself to me when the hunger came. I got free before that happened. So I built the circle to protect the house from evil. The downside was that I watched my friend grow old and die” Gavin’s eyes stared at the ground while images of a past life played through his head.

“And my “Blue Halo” as you call is?” Dawn asked.

“My guess is that you’re a natural witch. The circle is feeding your pure energy.”

“Natural Witch! What the hell is that?”

“It a talent that some are born with. Let me guess you like witches just as much as you like vampire.” He laughed at her.

“I don’t have time for this. I have kids to raise, a nut soon to be ex-husband, and bills to pay. Taking night classes at Hogwarts is out of the question.” Dawn was working herself up into a fury over being thought of as a natural witch.

In the open field behind them an animal crept closer to them. Gavin froze trying not to give too much of his surprise away.

“Gavin there is a black wolf about 100 meters over there.” Dawn point in the direction of the wolf but Gavin didn’t turn his head to look.

“It’s time I took my leave. Goodnight.” He took one moment to look deep into Dawns eyes and then he was gone. Dawn looked out into the field and now she could see two wolves. The black wolf that she saw first and a bigger white wolf were crossing the field together.

To be continued…..

Authors notes: Sorry this is taking so long but my daughter has been sick and I haven't had much sleep lately.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Castle Hill Stories
“Pink! You have a truckload of pink paint. What pray tell are you planning to do with it?” Lauren said as she zipped up her coat and pulled her sunglasses down her nose. She turned head to look up at her mom who was lifting up big buckets of paint from the truck bed.

“I think I’m going to paint everything that doesn’t move including you if you don’t help get this stuff in the barn.” Dawn brushed passed Lauren and heaved two buckets of paint toward the barn.

Lauren picked up her share and followed her mom. They sat the buckets down and headed back.

“Come on, tell me what you planning mom.”

“I’m going to paint the kitchen pink and maybe my bedroom.” Dawn got to the truck and lift out some shopping bags and a gallon of milk.

“Mom no man will step foot in this house.” Lauren laughed at her own words and shook her head no.

“Maybe that’s my point. Now open the back door of the house for me.” Dawn gave her daughter a look. Lauren rolled her eyes, huffed then opened the door.

As Dawn walked in she saw Trin her younger daughter coloring at the kitchen table that had six mismatch chairs. She walked over to her and kissed the top of her head.

“I love you Mom.”

“I love you too Trin. Oh good picture. Is that the barn?” Dawn stopped to study Trin’s drawing.

“Yes, see the fence. I’m doing the grass now.” Trin scrubbed away with her green crayon.

“Mom you need to see this.” Lauren had made her way around the table and was looking out the window over the sink.

A sick feeling hit Dawn’s stomach and she wondered if Lauren was now seeing the blue flame from the salt circle. “Ok Lauren what?”

“Look out in the field. There is a man walking this way holding a big basket. I guess you didn’t paint the house pink quickly enough.” Lauren’s wise ass remark gave Dawn a smile.

All three females were out the door and on the back patio in a flash. A tall man was steadily walking across the field toward them. Dawn was admiring his feature when she realized where she had seen them last.

“I’m going to walk on out and greet him. Lauren I want Trin and you to stay within the circle. Don’t leave it.” Calm was Dawn’s voice but her eyes told Lauren to listen carefully. Lauren grabbed Trin’s hand and took her back over to one of the plastic patio chairs.

At sixteen feet from the man Dawn stopped and put on her best cold hard stare. It worked because the man stopped his pace to a crawl. They both stood at a distance and just looked at one another. Then it clicked in Dawn’s brain that the sun filtering through the clouds.

The man smiled and said “I can walk in the day light. My name is Gavin Campbell and I live in the big house up there on the hill.” He was talking about the big mansion on the hill that Dawn glazed at everyday. She had recently been watching the leaves change color around the place while breathing in the fall air on her patio.

Dawn didn’t move but gave the same unpleasant stare to the man.

“I see you wear that witches blue halo like a proud queen.” Gavin was losing patients with Dawn’s rudeness.

“Considering, that I know what you are, I think I’m doing rather well.” Dawn said while realizing that she was once again in a blue bubble force field.

“Please tell me, that which I am. It has been a long time since I’ve heard a true human say it. Let’s see if you have enough venom in you to spit it out.” Gavin set the basket he carried down on the ground in front of him and folded his arms.

The wind blew Gavin’s shoulder length hair forward so he brushed it back with one hand. Dawn noticed his brown hair had the same red cast that hers did. She couldn’t stop form think that he was just another Scot like herself. But she knew better.

Trying to lighten the tension Dawn asked “What’s in the basket?

Gavin picked up the basket, deciding to give a little too, and held it out to Dawn. “It’s full of vegetables from my garden. I was hoping to make it a welcoming gift.”

Placing one foot in front of the other Dawn took the basket from Garvin and then said “Thank you.”

The blue bubble snapped and popped when she was inched from him. Dawn focused on her breathing so not to give away her fear.

“The breeze is getting cooler so I won’t keep you any longer. Oh wait I didn’t get your name.” He gave her a puzzled look.

“My name is Dawn Ferguson” she said.

“Well then Dawn, you have a good evening.” Gavin turned and started walking back across the field.

When he was a little ways a way Dawn yelled to him “Gavin Campbell, you’re a Vampire!”

He turned back to look at her with a smile. Then he yelled back “Dawn Ferguson I’m the one that built the salt circle!”

To be continued…..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Human or Blood Bank

Castle Hill Stories
Human or Blood Bank
Time was moving on. Trin didn’t miss her father so much because she was enrolled in a wonderful preschool. Lauren had adjusted to having her Mom tell what time to come home. Dawn was working hard at her new job and even harder on making her house a home. She bought used furniture from junk store and yard sales to fix up for her house. Also she resold some items at a little shop in town.

The spring rains had come and the salt circle had never melted. At times Dawn and Lauren would be standing in front of the sink looking out the window at the circle. However they never said a word to each other about it. They also never discussed a man they had both seen from time to time in the back field.

Whatever had made her faint the day she moved in it hadn’t reoccurred and she was happy about that. She only had a few new strange things going on with her. She sometimes would wish she didn’t have to get up to shut off a light and it would turn off on its own. She started reading people better then normal. When the phone would ring Dawn always had known who it was but now she knew what they wanted too. These things didn’t bother her. She just wrote then off as her.

Fall came and everything changed one night. Dawn had stopped by a shop in town that was a reseller for some of her furniture crafts. They had some money for her so Dawn was in a good mood. She decided to treat herself with a great cup of coffee at a local bistro.

She walked in the bistro and placed her order. At the counter she spoke to a few people she knew about the fall festival coming up. She saw a nice looking gentleman sitting in a booth reading the newspaper. He caught her eye in seconds. Her coffee was up so she made her goodbyes and walked outside. The gentleman at the booth folded his paper and made his way out the door. Dawn was waiting for him.

“Human or blood bank?” Dawn blurted out.

The man turned his head back to look at Dawn with a smile on his face. “Pardon me?”

Dawn kicked a rock in front of her on the sidewalk and said “You heard me. Human or blood bank?”

“Blood bank.”

A blue bubble force field engulfed Dawn but she knew that humans couldn’t see it. The man in front of her could. She gave him a hard stare and said “Keep it that way.” Dawn turned and walked on down the street to her car.

The man shouted to her “It was nice meeting you too.” He repositioned the newspaper under his arm and walked on down the street in the opposite direction.

To be continued.....

Monday, February 26, 2007

New Beginnings

Castle Hill Stories
New Beginnings
Boxes filled with bits and pieces of a life were stacked in the U-haul. Dawn pulled her sun glasses off and looked in the truck. Her beaten and bruised face was a sign of what her life had been. She picked up a box and headed toward the house and her new beginning.

As Dawn walked to the house she tried hard not to think about all the things she needed to get done in the next week. She needed to find a job and a babysitter for her younger daughter Trin. Keep her confidence up was going to be hard with her Mother around.

“Why did you waste the money dragging this junk here? You don’t even have any real furniture. If you think Dad and I are going to hand money out to you left and right you better think again” said Dawn’s Mother Bessie. Bessie was seventy-two and she came from a different time then her forty year old daughter.

“Thank you Mom for coming out here today. Also thank you for talking to Nick about a job for me. You might not believe me but I appreciate it.” Dawn had to bite down hard on her tongue to get that out of her mouth without screaming. She just had to get this stuff off the truck. One step at a time she told herself.

Lauren wasn’t as good at holding her tongue as her Mom. She carried a load of stuff past her grandmother and she said low so her Mother wouldn’t hear “lighten up will ya. She’s had the crap beat out of her and now your beating her with your mouth.”

“Well I never told her to marry that good for nothing.” Bessie said as she followed Lauren in the house.

The ladies got the stuff off the U-haul and in the house in a timely fashion. Bessie gave her remarks where she could. Dawn was growing ever so tired but she held in her hands the last load of stuff. Trin came bouncing around the outside of the house and up on the porch with her older sister and grandmother. They watched as Dawn walked with her hand full of stuff toward them. Right as she crossed the salt circle a pain ripped through Dawn and she collapsed in a faint.

Lauren quickly jumped off the porch and was down to her mother. Bessie grabbed Trin’s hand and came down beside Dawn.

“Mom! Mom! Mom can you hear me?” Lauren was frantic for a response from her Mother. She moved the stuff away from her and brushed her hair back from her face.

Dawn slowly opened her eyes. She knew her daughters and her mother were standing there. She understood that she was lying on the ground of the house she just rented. What she was focused on was the blue flames shooting up from the salt circle. And she knew with out question that she was the only one that could see it.

“Lauren what the hell is this salt circle?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dusty Roads

Castle Hill Stories

Dusty Roads


Dust filled the air behind the Ford pickup truck on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Indiana. Mellencamp was singing about not being done with the night as Lauren drove the pickup truck to meet a friend about a house for rent. As the truck popped up over the raise Lauren could see the house and she was happy to find it in good order so far. She could see her friend Peanut sitting on the tailgate of his truck in the driveway. The truck whipped into the driveway along with the dust cloud.

Lauren jumped out of the truck, straightens her jeans and pulled her jacket tight. The gravel crunched under her boots as she walked toward Peanut. He looked shaky and nervous.

“Damn Peanut its cold, you could have waited for me inside the house.” Lauren said and half laugh at Peanut sitting there.

“I’m not going in that house. I really don’t know if this is a good idea Lauren.” Peanut blushed as he spoke to Lauren like he always did.

“Peanut my Mother is moving back to Indiana and she needs a place to move to. The price your Dad gave me over the phone is right so what could be wrong. The roof isn’t falling off.” Lauren said with a look of determination on her face as she placed her hands in her coat pockets.

“Just Dad didn’t tell you everything. This was my aunt’s house and she wasn’t right in the head. Look there is foot an a half salt circle all the way around this house. Who in there right mind does something like this. Also she’s been dead for 5 years and the salt circle is still here. Why? Lauren in 5 years my Dad has rented this place seven times and nobody stays more than a week.” Peanut adjusted his hat and got off the tailgate.

“Are you saying the house is haunted Peanut?” Lauren was laughing as she started walking toward the front door.

“No I’m not saying that. I’m saying there is something weird about this place.”

Lauren laughed and said “Give me the key.”

Peanut handed Lauren the key. She walked up the stairs to the porch but Peanut stayed in the yard. Before she placed the key in the door she turned back to Peanut.

“You going to show me the house or not?


“Fine.” In a huff Lauren took the key and opened the door. She walked in but felt nothing out of the ordinary. She checked through all the rooms, bathroom and kitchen. The place was clean. She walked out the back door and down the stairs to the patio. She knew her mother would love the patio and it would be a great place for her little sister to play. There was a big red barn up against the back fence. Beyond the fence she could see part of a pond and cows out in the field. Lauren took in the fact that the house set in a valley between two tree covered hills. A big mansion could be seen on the top of the right hill. Lauren had no idea who lived there.

Done with her tour Lauren followed the salt circle around to the front of the house. Peanut was back sitting on the tailgate of his truck. He looked up at her as she came around the house.

“So who lives in the big house on the hill?” Lauren asked.

“You mean mansion and I have no clue who lives there.” Peanut was getting more frustrated by the minute.

“Maybe your Dad knows.”

“Nobody knows. See I told you, this place is weird.”

“Peanut you don’t make a very good drama queen so knock it off. Your Dad said he’d show my Mom how to use the tractor to mew the grass. I take it the tractor is in the barn.” Lauren turned to stare at the barn. A dark shadow went across the barn as Peanut and Lauren looked in its direction.

“Did you see that?”

“It was a cloud moving in from of the sunlight Peanut. What’s wrong with you?” Lauren turned back around to look at Peanut. She was growing tired of his behavior.

“It’s this place. It scares me. And before you ask I don’t know why. There is just a feeling I get when I’m here.” Peanut shivered.

“Fine! My Mom will take the house.” Lauren stated as she placed her hands on her hips.

Peanut said nothing just shock his head and headed for his truck. As Lauren and Peanut left down the country gravel road tiny blue flames started dancing out of the salt circle. Peanut and Lauren didn’t see them in their rearview mirrors. They also didn’t see the man in the back field on a black horse.

To be continued…..

Friday, February 16, 2007

Full Circle

Stories from the Ice Castle
Full Circle

Green grass was growing under their feet but no one cared because the party was about to get into full swing. Archie and his guys had meat on the grill. The Bond Girls were dancing in and out of the house with stuff for the party. Miss Moneypenny stood at the door welcoming guest. The refrigerator was being restocked by Mike while P made Q a drink.

“Do you think we’ll ever know what really happened that morning?’ Q asked as P handed him his drink.

“The girls got pretty silver bracelets with a snowflake hanging from them, Mike has a permanent blue mark on his wrist and I got a year and a half of my life back. Maybe we don’t need to know.” P stated and then down his glass.

“I guess your right. However, that sword is very impressive on your shelf there in the corner. How did Mike come by it?” Q turned his head to look at the Dragon sword. The last time he had seen it Mike was welding it saving them from Haden.

“From what I gather Mike swiped it from Ice. He said he had a feeling that it might come in handy.” A smile came across P’s face as he looked at Q.

“Thank God Mike has his talents.” Q said and both men chuckled.

The day progressed on. Everyone was eat, drinking and tell stories. P was relishing this time with his friends. He never knew such love and caring would be given to him by friends. A knock came at the door so P left his friends to answer it. He pulled the door open and a very tall woman stood on the other side. Her long hair had blonde streaks running through it but it was her green eyes P noticed. She held a floral wrap cactus in her hands.

“Floral delivery” said the woman.

“Thank you! Wait let me give you a tip.” P stated as he stared into those green eyes.

“Not required. Enjoy the lovely day”

“Why don’t you stay? We have plenty food and drinks. It will be fun. Stay.”

“Sorry, I have other deliveries but thank you.” The woman started walking to the road.

P watched her walk down his driveway and as she started walking on the road he yelled “One of these days you need to tell us all what happened Ice.”

The woman turned to face P. She smiled and winked at him but kept walking up the road.

P closed the door and took the cactus to his kitchen. As he took the paper off he noticed a bottle of bourbon was inside with the plant. He pulled the bottle out and noticed the note attached. A smile came across his face as he read the note.

“Nothing like a cactus and a bottle of bourbon to get you through. Be safe…Ice”

Chuckling to himself he placed the card down on the table. He opened the bourbon and took a drink.

The End

(Authors note: I hope you enjoyed the story. There's another story that's been brewing in my head for about a year I'd like to work on here real soon. Don't worry I'm sure P and Ice will get into trouble together real soon. Be safe...)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stories from the Ice Castle

White powder snow littered the ground around the water fountain. Light streamed through the spraying array of water. Birds sang from distant branches and in the sky the sun was rustling in its bed about to make its self known.

Quietly on a park bench Mike unbutton a few buttons of his long leather coat. He stared at the Ice Queen wondering what troubled her so. Her eyes filled with tears while staring at the statue in the fountain. The statue was that of a girl with one hand raised to the heavens and the opposite foot lifted back as in dance. It was Ice’s daughter but on this morn it was better to forget then remember the past.

“You’re nothing like I thought you’d be” Mike broke the silents of the bench.

Ice turned from the statue and walked toward the bench. She reached down and took Mike’s chin in her hands. He looked up at her unsure if he should fear her but she just smiled at him. She sat down beside him but her eyes stayed on the statue.

“Surely your not cold but your lips are turning a darker shade of blue.” He stared at her lips but she didn’t move.

Ice moved her eyes to the left and caught sight of Q, Miss Moneypenny and the Bond Girls strolling up the path toward the statue. But straight in front of her on the opposite side of the statue she saw Haden just at the tree line. Ice looked down at the gravel in front of her and saw a pearl amongst the stones. She smiled knowing this was her sign.

Flipping back her white fur coat Ice pulled out the Dragon sword and laid it on the bench between Mike and her. Mike’s eyes were screaming “O Shit” but she didn’t have time to explain herself to him. The party was about to begin.

In a flurry of snowflakes Ice was up and on Haden in a blink. He snarled at her as she raised her hands. Now the statue that everyone stared at was the frozen Haden.

“Mike get over here I don’t have much time.” Ice waved Mike over to Q and the Bond Girls. Mike jumped up off the bench and stood next to Pussy Galore his favorite Bond girl.

Tracy the necklace looks good on you but I need it now.” Ice walked up to Tracy and held out her hand.

“We needed to talk about P first Ice before we’re handing over the necklace.” Q said as he walked to stand by Tracy.

“I need Tracy to take off that necklace right now, then I need all of you to place your hands on it and think about the love you have for this human. And I need you to do it now!” Over Ice’s shoulder the ice was cracking on Haden.

Gently Tracy removed the necklace while the others moved around to place their hands on the necklace. Mike had his hand on the necklace but his eyes were watching Ice. The edges of her face had a tint of blue. She bent down to her knees and raised her hands to the sky. The wind whirled around the group.

“Ok, ladies give P all that love I’ve heard you bragging about for all of these years.” Q looked in the eyes of the women with worry.

Emotions were feeding the power to regenerate P but Ice’s powers were melting away. Haden lifted both arms to the sky and groaned. Lightning shot out of Haden’s hands and moved down to firer into Ice. The pain of bad memories cascade down Ice’s body As she withered on the ground Haden’s assault ceased. His was on the move for the necklace.

Miss Moneypenny screamed as Haden got close to the group but they held their grip to the necklace. A growl left Hadens mouth right before he maneuvered himself to snatch the necklace. He was too late. The group fell to the ground because the necklace was gone.

“Hey mister, need so help?” P’s voice brought shrieks from the crowd. Mike ran to his friend P’s side and placed a hand on his shoulder as Haden turned to square off. Mike reached inside his coat and pulled out the Dragon sword.

“No more! I’ve had enough goofy stuff in the past few days to give me nightmares for the rest of my life. I’ll I want is my friend back.” With those words red sparks shot out of the end of the sword and Haden disappeared.

P’s big hearty laugh filled the outdoors as he hugged Mike and said “Damn I’m glad to be back.

The ladies run and jumped all over P. Mike moved so Q and Miss Moneypenny could get in closer to P. As he stepped back Mike realized Ice was still on the ground. So he walked over and bent down to check on her. He picked up her hand and placed it in his but of course she was cold.

“P, Ice is still down.”

Because of the crowd in front of him P couldn’t see where Mike was so he said “What ever you do don’t touch her. She hates it when humans touch her.”

“Now you tell me...”

To be continued…..

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Stories from the Ice Castle

A warm breeze floated across the water then up to the beach. Ice sat on the beach letting the water lap up on her toes. She sat there on the beach with her head back looking at the stars in the night sky. Her body morphed out of the Ice Queen and into her true self. Her hair was streaked blonde and her skin was tan. She wore a bronze colored one piece bathing suit with a sheer wrap skirt. She was happy in her stolen moment of freedom.

The older woman carried a concerned look on her face as she walked toward Ice. She stopped just feet from her and said “Skia why are you here child?”

Ice turned her head and chuckled but she didn’t answer the older woman. She turned her head back to watch the moonlight dance across the water.

“Hiding out! Oh I see, Haden awoke your human emotions Skia.” The woman had images from Ice’s thoughts running through her mind. She smiled at them.

“Pearl, don’t use those against me. I have enough on my plate.” Ice stood and faces the older woman.

“Skia the answer you contemplate is love but you already knew that. Setting a soul back is easy but you don’t want to watch.”

“You know what all those emotions whirling around will do to me.”

“It will only prove that your heart isn’t made of ice.”

“There has to be another way to bring P back and change things.”

“Afraid not Skia. And don’t forget the one that you tricked.” Pearl raised an eyebrow at Ice and then turned and walked on up the beach.

Ice fell down on the beach and acted like she was died for a moment. She cursed and then sat up. Snapping her fingers her cell phone appeared. Within two rings Tracy was on the phone.

Tracy have the Bond Girls and Q met me at the Trans Gardens at 7:10.”

“Ice what? Why then? And why can’t I take this necklace off with out being deathly ill?”

“Oh!” Ice had to laugh. “Tracy, P would rather hang between your boobs then have Q fondle him. Figures, right? To answer your other questions the gardens is a great out door space which I need and the time is sunrise. I needed to go pick up Mike but I’ll be there.”

Ice hung up on Tracy not wanting to answer any more questions. She rolled her eyes wondering what kind of shape Mike would be in. Laying there on the sand she decide she take a few more moments of freedom before finding out.

Archie’s house was a woman’s worse nightmare. There were dirty dishes, empty bottles and large men pasted out everywhere. Ice walked in and rolled her eyes to the sky. Ice was back to her reddish brown hair. Her skin glistened like snow as well did her white evening gown. Her white full length fur coat had the collar flipped up in back. Mike opened one eye with the realization that the Ice Queen was in Archie’s house.

“You, I want P’s box back. You’re not right in the head for taking that from me. Do you eat human bones? Is that how you have magic?” Mike looked at the tall Ice Queen with fear on him face.

“Mike I know you don’t have any reason to but you’re going to have to trust me.” Ice snapped her fingers and Mike had on clean clothes. His face was shaven and his hair was combed.

“You ask me to trust you and then you dress me funny. Lauren is a girls name, these aren’t girls clothes are they? I bought a coat once…” Ice placed her hand over Mike’s mouth before he could say another word.

“Take my hand. We needed to go see P.” Snowflakes and Mike’s screams whirled away into nothing.

To be continued…..

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Kiss

Stories from the Ice Castle
The Kiss


She slumped over right as the limo reached the air field. Tracy had been a Bond Girl for some time and had been through a lot. As her breathing got slower and her eyes heavy she knew this was different.

“Q something’s terribly wrong!” She tries to stay focused.

Q sat up and studied Tracy’s face “When did this start?”

“Right after I handed you the necklace” Tracy said.

Q looked in his hands at the necklace and wondered what magic along with P that it concealed. He leaned forward and carefully clasp the necklace back around Tracy’s neck. The color came back to her in moments. She sat up and looked at the other Bond girls.

“Wow! I feel fabulous now.” Then she began laughing really hard and the other ladies just stared at her. “Oh come on, P’s between my boobs and I feel…well I’d rather not say.” Tracy giggled out as she placed a hand over her mouth.

All the Bond Girls were laughing and glad Tracy was herself again.

“Ladies lets get our hormones in order and up to the plane quickly. Miss Moneypenny is there waiting to hear the news. Also we have a problem to solve.” Q stepped out of the limo heading toward the plane and the Bond Girls followed step.

At the gallery Ice had evade Haden and made it to a court yard garden. The trees were lit with tiny twinkle lights that cast a glow to the snowy ground. She took a seat on a bench and waited for him. Ice’s lips turned a dark blue which was a sign of danger near but she was going to make sure Haden would be the one to suffer this time.

He step out of the gallery and walked to her slowly. “Come now Ice, don’t be so blue. I would never hurt my favorite pet” he grinds and chuckled at Ice.

“What did P do to you?” She needs to know why a soul collector broke rules to go after a human.

“He helped a woman that I wanted. He showed her how to take a different road diverting her from me.” He huffed out his response while looking down at Ice setting on the bench.

“Poor Haden, so lonely and bored playing with humans now? Isn’t that what you said about me? Rules are rules sweetheart and P doesn’t belong to you.” She gave Haden her classic cold stare then raised from the bench.

He pulled her into his arms. “Will you play with me Ice my darlin’!”

She raised her head and placed her lips to his. She deepened the kiss and tasted him. For a moment, memories of being human entered her mind. The she softly withdrew from him.


Snowflakes filled the place between them and Ice was gone.

To be continued.....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stories from the Ice Castle

Gallery Night


Ice melts in a glass of ice tea that sets waiting by three monitors on the desk. Q walks in pulls up his trousers a bit before taking a seat. He clicks away for a few moments on the keyboard checking information on the three different screens. He rubs his chin with his hand as he plans his next move.

With the mouse he clicks open a screen to send a message to the Bond Girls.

: Ladies Ice will be at the Gallery opening tonight at 8. Face to face is the only way to get answers from her. Text me when contact is made. Q!

Q backed his chair away from the desk and said to himself “P my friend will get you back”

People chatting and music filled the air inside the art gallery. Ice stroked a finger over the title card as she read Josh’s name. Ice loved seeing the world through Josh’s photography. She had lots to do but she couldn’t miss his opening tonight. She looked up from a picture to see the Bond Girls on both sides of her.

“Ladies, I’m so glad you’re here.” The Ice queen stated with a smile. Pain was growing in her head which meant Haden was close. Ice couldn’t believe her luck but she knew what to do. Removing the necklace from herself she placed it on the closest Bond Girl.

“Now ladies you have what you came for but only I can unlock it. Flee now before the
Soul collector finds P.” Ice was harsh but she had to get them and the necklace out of the gallery.

“What Soul collector?”

Then a very tall well dressed man turned the corner with an evil snare on his face.

“Ladies walk away slowly and leave the gallery. I’ll find you later.” Ice spoke to the Bond girls but her eyes never left Haden. She smiled at the ladies and then walked on down the row of pictures.

As the Bond Girl made their way outside of the gallery a limo pulled up. The driver opened the back door and Q stepped out. The lady that Ice had granted the necklace to stepped forward and handed it to Q. He studied the center stone then motioned the girls into the car.

Ice caught a glimpse of the limo leaving as she turned to face Haden.

To be continued…..

(Authors note: I rushed this so it might not be wonderful. Sorry...)

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Power Within

Stories from the Ice Castle
The Power Within

The mountain ridge had light snow fluttering down giving the reassurances of peace. However Ice felt no peace in her castle with P floating about in his cloud state. She stood looking out the lead paned window trying to figure what to do next. P floated about and every now and then would bump something to unnerve his capture.

Key elements were needed to reconstructed P’s human body. That would not be the difficult problem for Ice. Keeping P under control and out of trouble would be a hair pulling nightmare. There were rules that needed to be met and P never liked rules. He enjoyed living in a tempest of danger. Ice just wanted to be reminded that she lived period.

“Oh what now ole queen of icy delight?” P’s laughing jest at Ice.

"Shopping! But before we go I need to secure you in something. I can’t have you drawing attention because it could mean trouble for us both.” Ice walked from the window and took a seat on her beautiful floral couch. Sinking back into the cushions of the couch Ice closed her eyes to rest.

“Well I’m not going back in the Hello Kitty box. So you mean to cage me again so I can’t cause you any trouble. Am I missing something here? What’s with the scare tactics?” Confused by Ice’s statements P didn’t know what was really going on but he meant to have the whole truth.

"I could be stopped at what I’m trying to do for you. My icy state is a punishment.”

“So there are others out there that might try to stop you to punish you more? What the hell did you do?” P’s cloud whirled around and around.

“Stop whirling! You’re making me sick. To answer you it’s not what I did but more what I didn’t do. Let’s stay with the problem at hand. What do I put you in so we can travel?” She exhaled hard trying to keep her mind from drifting back in time. Then the answer came to her.

“I’ll put you in the Necklace of Laurel. You will be safe in its center stone. You’ll know where you are but you won’t be heard by humans.” Ice walked over to a high boy chest in the corner of the room and pulled open one of the drawers. Her hands lifted out a beautifully ornate metal box. She opened the box and pulled out the necklace. She placed the box back into the chest and walked back to the couch and took a seat. The necklace glittered in Ice’s hands then she placed it on the coffee table in front of her.

P laughed out loud. “Are you going to wear me between your breasts? Now how ironic is this.”

Ice grew tired of P’s constant ribbing and that’s when the pain hit her. She yelled at P “Jump into the necklace’s center stone now!”


“Hind yourself now!” P knowing Ice well enough moved the purple cloud swiftly to the center stone and settle inside.

The room exploded into a mix of lighting, snowflakes and mist. The roar of this storm went on for a few minutes. Ice lowered her head but hardened her eyes on the immortal standing before her. In her mind she willed P to be quiet and then she took a fighting stance.

The storm died down around a very tall dark immortal in all black with a full length black fur coat. He looked like a black panther ready to pounce. In his left hand he carried a crystal walking cane with a silver knob on top.

“Icy dream how have you been and what do we have here?” The immortal lifted the necklace from the table with his cane in front of Ice.

“Haden I don’t remember inviting you here but I’ll thank you for handing me my necklace.” She clasp the necklace around her neck quickly and ask “Why are you here?”

“My little Icy Pop I want P’s remains back. Where are they?” Haden walked over to the window. He acted totally bored by his surroundings.

“I’m sure they are between two icy mounds someplace.” Ice smiled at herself for her coy little joke.

“So the great Ice Queen wishes to play games with me. Remind yourself that you are my toy not the other way around.” He moved walking out of the room but Ice’s eyes never left him.

“Maybe you need to remember.” He turned and pointed his cane at Ice. Lighting ripped through Ice’s body bringing her to her knees. Images of a body floating face down in a lake flipped like slides in her mind. Wind, snowflakes and thunder blasted the room then Haden was gone.

On stunned legs Ice made it up from the floor. Her body was still convulsing from the terror released up on her mind. She placed a hand on the necklace as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

To be continued.......

Monday, January 29, 2007

What's in the Box?

Stories from the Ice Castle
What's in the Box?


The castle doors whirled open with snowflakes as the Ice Queen walked through the foyer. The d├ęcor was Victorian. No stone walls and torches for this Queen. She liked having her beaded lamp shades and cozy rugs from India in her home.

She walked into her office and sat the Hello Kitty coverd package down on a side table. Thinking that P was more trouble then he was worth, she rubbed her forehead and took a seat in her desk chair. Firefox popped up on her laptop monitor as she clicked the mouse to check her emails. Then her cell phone rang.

She looked down at the number on her phone and shook her head. Quietly she answered. “Yes.”

“Ice, this is Q. I know you have P’s remains. It wasn’t hard for you to daze Mike enough to walk away with them.”

“You don’t understand.” Ice’s sultry voice answered.

“Weather I understand or not isn’t the issue here. The Bond Girls and I aren’t going to sit by and watch you defile our good friend’s remains.”


“Nope Ice don’t trying any of your slick witch business on me. It won’t work. We want the remains and we’ll do everything in our power to get them back. We may only be human but we’ll stop you.”

“I” she tried to explain why she had taken P’s remains but Q hung up before she could get a word in. Then laughter came from the Hello Kitty box. Ice gritted her teeth and went to stand by the box.

“How are you doing this? First you hit me in the ass with a snowball at the cemetery and now you mock me with laughter. How?”

The laughter bellowed from the box and it wiggled around on the table.

“Shut up!”

“The old Queen is pissed now because the Mighty Q put her in her place. I love my friends.”

“Yes but your in a magical realm. Ha! Didn’t think about that, did you. All your friends can do with your beautiful box is place you back in the ground or a crypt. However I have the power to bring you back. You keep mocking me and I’ll kick you out into the snow.” Ice turned from the table and walked back to her desk to think about what to do next.

Could she really bring P back and move time around. She kept remembering how strange the day P died was. He wasn’t marked to die that day and Ice had always known it. She had no clues to why his death date had been changed. She placed her hands over her eyes and replayed P’s death.

A bunch of blogging friends were too met up at a bar to celebrate the holidays. Drinks flowed around as friends chattering laughter filled the small bar while the jukebox played on. Mike and P were sitting at a table talking when P couldn’t help himself from staring at a woman’s breast. It was a known fact to everyone that P liked big breast but the old fool didn’t have to stare.

The woman jumped from her seat screaming “P you bastard quit staring at my boobs!” She ran full steam at Mike and P. They both jump up from their seats and ran for the door. The woman was hot on they’re heels. P almost knocked Ice over when Mike and he ran out the door and that’s when it happened. P ran across some ice and fell back and hit his head on a jag of concrete. He died instantly.

Ice froze the image of P’s dead body in her mind. Then she saw it. There was a piece of her ice hanging on his wrist. That was why he could throw snowballs and laugh. Her magic had absorbed into his skin right before he fell. Now she had her answer but it wasn’t going to be easy.

Ice pulled her fur collar up close to her face as she chuckled to herself and then walked to the Hello Kitty box. She grinned and then snapped her fingers. A purple haze of smoke oozed from the box and hung mid level in the air.

“Boy this feels good.” P’s voice whirled around in the pulsing cloud of purple.

“Really? Wait till I dress you up like your Mother. I’m sure you’ll feel wonderful then.”

“You wouldn’t?” The cloud move round and round Ice.

“Big boy, now it’s my turn to laugh.” And her sultry laughter echoed down the hallways.

To be continued…..

Friday, January 26, 2007

Stories from the Ice Castle

The first story I wrote about Mr. P is on The Power of Trinity. I like these silly stories and I hope you think they are funny. If not go the next Blog! I think it's porn. LOL


Mike sat on the front step of a middle class house with a cardboard box in one hand and a bucket of chicken wings in the other. Tears rolled down his face as he looked at the card board box. The box held the remains of his beloved friend "P". Mike was deep in despair. At that moment the Ice Queen appeared in front of Mike and he sobbed harder.

"I messed up big time Ice". Mike choked out.

The arrogant Ice Queen flipped her fur coat and took a seat next to Mike. She placed her arm around his shoulder and gives him a squeeze.

Mike rubbed his nose on his sleeve then said "I forgot to pay the taxes on "P's" grave plot. They dug him up and put what was left of him in this box. Now what do I do with it? I mean him."

The Ice Queen slowly rose up from the steps. She rubbed her left butt cheek remembering a well placed snowball. She lifted her right hand to Mikes face and smiled. Her sultry voice said "I'll take and honor "P" like he dissevers."

Mike looked deep into the Ice Queens eyes and the box slid from his hands. With a whirl of her fur coat she was down on the street walking away with the box tucked under her arm. Quietly she called out "Enjoy the chicken wings." Mike in his trance state started eating forgetting all about "P's" remains and who had the box.

While she walked the Ice Queen snapped her fingers and the box that she held turned pink with pictures of "Hello Kitty" all over it. Her sultry voice went into a full evil laugh. "So you want to take up space and be remembered!" Her evil sultry laughter turned into a whirl of snowflakes and the Ice Queen disappeared.

To be continued…..