Sunday, March 25, 2007

Love From Fur

Castle Hill Stories
Love from Fur
The night sky was over head while she lay in the gravel of her driveway and cried. Her tear weren’t because she had been smacked down to the ground yet again but from the knowledge that even divorce wouldn’t rid her of Ryan. They had a daughter together and she knew he would use it forever against her.

Blood trickled from her nose and a small bit of blood showed on her mouth. She lay there feeling like a loser. Between sobs she opened her eyes and a white wolf looked down at her.

The blue halo glistened around her but still she reached for the wolf. With pain twirling in her mind she did the unthinkable she ran her hand down through the fur. The wolf groaned and nudged Dawn’s cheek.

Dawn sat up, pulled down her sweater and brushed off her jeans. With the realization that her soon to be ex-husband was truly a monster Dawn took the compassion from the monster in front of her. She wrapped her arms around the wolfs neck and hugged the animal. Her sobs had ended but while her head rested on the animal she got her head back together.

With a little scratch behind the ear she pulled away from the wolf. The wolf stared into Dawns eyes so she bent over and kissed it’s nose. “I’ll be alright now” she said in a small voice.

The wolf howled out into the night and ran off across the field. Dawn picked herself up off the ground as she watched the wolf leave.

“Bye Gavin!”

To be continued…..

Authors note: Sorry I’ve been sick and busy but I truly plan to get back to this story.

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Walker said...

An animal doesen't know what cruelty is but lives on instinct.
Cruelty is a human trait, compassion belongs to the beast.