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Witch Wolf

Castle Hill Stories
Witch Wolf
At midnight the wooden kitchen table told many stories. One end of the table had rainbows, castles, and ponies waiting to be colored in with the crayons that filled a basket. In the middle a cheerful bowl of apples and oranges filled the mind with autumn’s bounty. The other end had a stack of bills and divorce papers waiting for decisions to be made. Unfortunate for Dawn she was the one who sat there at midnight trying to make the decisions.

The phone rang and Dawn quickly picked up the cordless phone so Trin didn’t wake up.


“I’m going to be there tomorrow to see my daughter and that piece of shit house you moved her to. Don’t be stupid and try to stop me from seeing her.” The voice of her soon to be ex-husband Ryan sent chills through Dawn.

“Ryan how is this going to help anyone?” Dawn said

“I have a right to see my child and I have a right to see what conditions you’ve moved her into.”

“Fine you do that.”

“I will. Make sure you tell all your hick friends I’ll be carrying my gun. Don’t want any trouble with the locals.” Ryan was making sure Dawn knew his visit wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“I’ll pass that on to anyone that really cares.” Dawn’s anger was growing.

“Tomorrow then.”

“Yes, tomorrow.” The phone clicked dead but Dawn stood there for a few seconds just staring before placing the phone back down on the table.

Dawn shock her head and rolled her eyes with anger a few more minutes before the tears came. She had to be nice to him in hopes that he might give her money. Bills needed to be paid and Trin needed more winter clothes. Dawn was doing the best she could to scrape by. However being polite to a man that used her as a punching bag was something she wasn’t sure she could do anymore.

Needing to clear her head Dawn grabbed a flashlight and headed out to check that the barn was locked properly. She stomped out to the barn while the cold air whipped into her face. Ryan had already beat Dawn with his words so she didn’t feel the cold. She found the barn locked up tight just as she had left it. Working through things in her head Dawn walked over to a bench that sat near the garden.

Blowing out a deep breath Dawn tried to look at the stars but the tears came again. She bent her down and cried into her hand. Then she felt him. She pulled her head from her hands to see the freaky blue bubble surrounding her. This night wasn’t going to get better was all that her mind could think.

“Are you enjoying the show?” the sarcasm in Dawn’s voice was unmistakable.

Dawn watched Gavin float in a flash right up next to her.

“I really didn’t want to intrude. Why are you upset?” Gavin said.

“You mean other then I’m sitting here wrapped in a bubble of light that I don’t understand and I’m talking to a Vampire, right?”

Gavin laughed and sat down next to her. “I’m old, so I’m a good listener.”

“Oh, wow, vampire humor. Yeah that’s going to help me.” Dawn rolled her eyes and gave Gavin a nasty look.

“You stopped crying so the Vampire must have helped a little.” He gave her a nasty look right back.

“This isn’t vampire seduction is it? First I thought it would be better then this and second the last thing on earth I need is a man. Any kind of man.” Dawn turned her head to look into Gavin’s eyes to drive her point home.

“I don’t know about you but I could use a friend.” Gavin said.

Dawn reeled herself in from her anger. She had a lot on her mind and she was trying to understand this man, this vampire who sat beside her.

“Why did you build the salt circle?”

“That’s not an easy question to answer. I don’t think your going to believe me anyway.”

Dawn stood up and looked down and said “Have it your way.” She started walking toward her house.

“She tried to cage me!” Gavin yell out to her as he rose to his feet.

Dawn stopped and turned toward him but didn’t speak.

“She wanted me to make her what I am. I wouldn’t do it so she trapped me. She planned to offer herself to me when the hunger came. I got free before that happened. So I built the circle to protect the house from evil. The downside was that I watched my friend grow old and die” Gavin’s eyes stared at the ground while images of a past life played through his head.

“And my “Blue Halo” as you call is?” Dawn asked.

“My guess is that you’re a natural witch. The circle is feeding your pure energy.”

“Natural Witch! What the hell is that?”

“It a talent that some are born with. Let me guess you like witches just as much as you like vampire.” He laughed at her.

“I don’t have time for this. I have kids to raise, a nut soon to be ex-husband, and bills to pay. Taking night classes at Hogwarts is out of the question.” Dawn was working herself up into a fury over being thought of as a natural witch.

In the open field behind them an animal crept closer to them. Gavin froze trying not to give too much of his surprise away.

“Gavin there is a black wolf about 100 meters over there.” Dawn point in the direction of the wolf but Gavin didn’t turn his head to look.

“It’s time I took my leave. Goodnight.” He took one moment to look deep into Dawns eyes and then he was gone. Dawn looked out into the field and now she could see two wolves. The black wolf that she saw first and a bigger white wolf were crossing the field together.

To be continued…..

Authors notes: Sorry this is taking so long but my daughter has been sick and I haven't had much sleep lately.


Vickie said...

Sorry I have no been around commenting but I have been reading----these are great! You have me hooked and reeled in so don't leave me hanging some where. BTW I know it is wrong for me to be so damn envious but damn you got all the talent---and yeah you got the looks too if that is your picture I see here. Geez is anything fair in life never mind don't answer I know the answer I don't even have health.

Take care and have a nice weekend.

Walker said...

Now who is the black wolf? :)