Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Black Wolf

Castle Hill Stories
Black Wolf

The big fat colored Christmas lights gave the small town festival a charming flare. The air was scented with dried autumn leaves, sugar and cinnamon. Dawn and Aunt Vick strolled around the festival eating elephant ears and checking the wares in the craft booths.

Dawn checked up on her friends selling some of her craft pieces. She found that they had sold both pieces that had been brought and was asked if she had anymore pieces ready. She told them she’d get back to them early in morning.

Vick was off putting Trin on a carnival ride while Dawn finished up her business. As she walked away from the craft booths she felt the blue halo of protection surround her. She looked around for Gavin but she didn’t see him anywhere.

Dawn made her way over to wait with Vick for Trin to get off the ride. She checked her surroundings but still she didn’t see Gavin. Something had triggered the halo but she didn’t know what.

“Vick I’m glowing and I don’t know why. Do you feel or see something I don’t?” Dawn looked at Vick with concern.

Vick raised her hand to touch the necklace she was wearing and closed her eyes for a second. She opened her eyes and said “There is a woman watching us. Did you piss off someone’s wife again?”

“Must be a real evil wife to make this halo to go off. Can you find her?”

“Sorry I can’t get any direction on this with you standing next to me. Go take a walk. Trin has one more ride to go on and with you gone I might just get a fix on the woman.” Vick said and patted Dawn’s shoulder.

“Vick, keep your eyes also on Trin.” Dawn replied then walked away.

Trin got off the ride she was on then skipped over to the next one. Vick helped her take her seat then stood with the other parents waiting. Again she placed her hand to her necklace and shut her eyes for a moment. Trin whirled around on the ride and Vick’s eyes were welded to her.

People walked around eating and checking out the booths but this was what people did at small town festivals. So why was the halo in full blue form? What was the unforeseen danger? Dawn didn’t know because she didn’t have the courage to ask Gavin for the answers. She also didn’t want to explain to a vampire about her being a witch because she had already played dumb to the fact in front of him. How could she explain why she hide this fact for most of her life. How did she explain this to a vampire?

Trin’s ride was finishing as Dawn arrived back at Vick’s side.

Dawn asked “Got anything?”

“On your left side, long brown hair and looks to kill.” Vick said as she left Dawn and picked up Trin from the stopping ride.

Dawn turned to get a look at the woman. She was flawlessly beautiful but then again most vampires were. It was time to get Trin and Vick back safely in the salt circle. Safety! Maybe Gavin built the salt circle for more than one reason. Dawn pondered that thought as she walked toward Trin.

“Hey Sweetie it’s time to be getting home.”

“Mom I really had fun.” Trin said as she grabbed her Mom’s hand.

“Well Trin, Aunt Vick and I do try to please.” Dawn looked at Vick with a little bit of alarm in her eyes trying to convey the urgency of leaving.

The ladies walked quickly to Aunt Vicks SUV. When they arrived at the car a man’s voice said “Oh are you leaving?”

Vick’s eyes got large as she stared at the sexy man standing before her.

“Pull the hormones in Vick. This is my neighbor Gavin that lives up on the hill.” Dawn finished speaking and helped Trin get into the car.

“Well hello Gavin I’m Dawn’s beloved friend Vick.” She held her hand out to Gavin. With a smile he gently shook her hand.

“Dawn you never told me your rich neighbor on the hill was so charming.”

“Yes but if you think real hard you’ll remember the one wild thing I did tell you about him.”

“Yeah there is that. Why are all the sexy ones so seriously screwed up?” Vick flashed Gavin a sexy smile then walked over opened her car door and got in.

“Oh Dawn have you been telling stories about me?”

“Yes, Gavin I know I shouldn’t cry wolf.” Dawn rolled her eyes at him then placed her hands on her hips as she looked at him.

The look on Gavin’s face grew serious then he said, “Are you ok?”

Dawn figured he was asking if she had been lying in her driveway lately all beaten up. “Yes, thank you for asking.” Dawn paused then said “maybe you should ask your friend how I was tonight.”

“My friend?”

“How about we call her Black Wolf”

To be continued…..

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