Friday, January 26, 2007

Stories from the Ice Castle

The first story I wrote about Mr. P is on The Power of Trinity. I like these silly stories and I hope you think they are funny. If not go the next Blog! I think it's porn. LOL


Mike sat on the front step of a middle class house with a cardboard box in one hand and a bucket of chicken wings in the other. Tears rolled down his face as he looked at the card board box. The box held the remains of his beloved friend "P". Mike was deep in despair. At that moment the Ice Queen appeared in front of Mike and he sobbed harder.

"I messed up big time Ice". Mike choked out.

The arrogant Ice Queen flipped her fur coat and took a seat next to Mike. She placed her arm around his shoulder and gives him a squeeze.

Mike rubbed his nose on his sleeve then said "I forgot to pay the taxes on "P's" grave plot. They dug him up and put what was left of him in this box. Now what do I do with it? I mean him."

The Ice Queen slowly rose up from the steps. She rubbed her left butt cheek remembering a well placed snowball. She lifted her right hand to Mikes face and smiled. Her sultry voice said "I'll take and honor "P" like he dissevers."

Mike looked deep into the Ice Queens eyes and the box slid from his hands. With a whirl of her fur coat she was down on the street walking away with the box tucked under her arm. Quietly she called out "Enjoy the chicken wings." Mike in his trance state started eating forgetting all about "P's" remains and who had the box.

While she walked the Ice Queen snapped her fingers and the box that she held turned pink with pictures of "Hello Kitty" all over it. Her sultry voice went into a full evil laugh. "So you want to take up space and be remembered!" Her evil sultry laughter turned into a whirl of snowflakes and the Ice Queen disappeared.

To be continued…..

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Walker said...

There is no such thing as a silly story, just and imagination wanting to have fun and to play. Can't wait for part two :)
Have a great weekend