Monday, January 29, 2007

What's in the Box?

Stories from the Ice Castle
What's in the Box?


The castle doors whirled open with snowflakes as the Ice Queen walked through the foyer. The d├ęcor was Victorian. No stone walls and torches for this Queen. She liked having her beaded lamp shades and cozy rugs from India in her home.

She walked into her office and sat the Hello Kitty coverd package down on a side table. Thinking that P was more trouble then he was worth, she rubbed her forehead and took a seat in her desk chair. Firefox popped up on her laptop monitor as she clicked the mouse to check her emails. Then her cell phone rang.

She looked down at the number on her phone and shook her head. Quietly she answered. “Yes.”

“Ice, this is Q. I know you have P’s remains. It wasn’t hard for you to daze Mike enough to walk away with them.”

“You don’t understand.” Ice’s sultry voice answered.

“Weather I understand or not isn’t the issue here. The Bond Girls and I aren’t going to sit by and watch you defile our good friend’s remains.”


“Nope Ice don’t trying any of your slick witch business on me. It won’t work. We want the remains and we’ll do everything in our power to get them back. We may only be human but we’ll stop you.”

“I” she tried to explain why she had taken P’s remains but Q hung up before she could get a word in. Then laughter came from the Hello Kitty box. Ice gritted her teeth and went to stand by the box.

“How are you doing this? First you hit me in the ass with a snowball at the cemetery and now you mock me with laughter. How?”

The laughter bellowed from the box and it wiggled around on the table.

“Shut up!”

“The old Queen is pissed now because the Mighty Q put her in her place. I love my friends.”

“Yes but your in a magical realm. Ha! Didn’t think about that, did you. All your friends can do with your beautiful box is place you back in the ground or a crypt. However I have the power to bring you back. You keep mocking me and I’ll kick you out into the snow.” Ice turned from the table and walked back to her desk to think about what to do next.

Could she really bring P back and move time around. She kept remembering how strange the day P died was. He wasn’t marked to die that day and Ice had always known it. She had no clues to why his death date had been changed. She placed her hands over her eyes and replayed P’s death.

A bunch of blogging friends were too met up at a bar to celebrate the holidays. Drinks flowed around as friends chattering laughter filled the small bar while the jukebox played on. Mike and P were sitting at a table talking when P couldn’t help himself from staring at a woman’s breast. It was a known fact to everyone that P liked big breast but the old fool didn’t have to stare.

The woman jumped from her seat screaming “P you bastard quit staring at my boobs!” She ran full steam at Mike and P. They both jump up from their seats and ran for the door. The woman was hot on they’re heels. P almost knocked Ice over when Mike and he ran out the door and that’s when it happened. P ran across some ice and fell back and hit his head on a jag of concrete. He died instantly.

Ice froze the image of P’s dead body in her mind. Then she saw it. There was a piece of her ice hanging on his wrist. That was why he could throw snowballs and laugh. Her magic had absorbed into his skin right before he fell. Now she had her answer but it wasn’t going to be easy.

Ice pulled her fur collar up close to her face as she chuckled to herself and then walked to the Hello Kitty box. She grinned and then snapped her fingers. A purple haze of smoke oozed from the box and hung mid level in the air.

“Boy this feels good.” P’s voice whirled around in the pulsing cloud of purple.

“Really? Wait till I dress you up like your Mother. I’m sure you’ll feel wonderful then.”

“You wouldn’t?” The cloud move round and round Ice.

“Big boy, now it’s my turn to laugh.” And her sultry laughter echoed down the hallways.

To be continued…..

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Walker said...

LOL I think this is Great.
Quite the imagination. Q would love it to.
Keep it up :)