Friday, February 02, 2007

The Power Within

Stories from the Ice Castle
The Power Within

The mountain ridge had light snow fluttering down giving the reassurances of peace. However Ice felt no peace in her castle with P floating about in his cloud state. She stood looking out the lead paned window trying to figure what to do next. P floated about and every now and then would bump something to unnerve his capture.

Key elements were needed to reconstructed P’s human body. That would not be the difficult problem for Ice. Keeping P under control and out of trouble would be a hair pulling nightmare. There were rules that needed to be met and P never liked rules. He enjoyed living in a tempest of danger. Ice just wanted to be reminded that she lived period.

“Oh what now ole queen of icy delight?” P’s laughing jest at Ice.

"Shopping! But before we go I need to secure you in something. I can’t have you drawing attention because it could mean trouble for us both.” Ice walked from the window and took a seat on her beautiful floral couch. Sinking back into the cushions of the couch Ice closed her eyes to rest.

“Well I’m not going back in the Hello Kitty box. So you mean to cage me again so I can’t cause you any trouble. Am I missing something here? What’s with the scare tactics?” Confused by Ice’s statements P didn’t know what was really going on but he meant to have the whole truth.

"I could be stopped at what I’m trying to do for you. My icy state is a punishment.”

“So there are others out there that might try to stop you to punish you more? What the hell did you do?” P’s cloud whirled around and around.

“Stop whirling! You’re making me sick. To answer you it’s not what I did but more what I didn’t do. Let’s stay with the problem at hand. What do I put you in so we can travel?” She exhaled hard trying to keep her mind from drifting back in time. Then the answer came to her.

“I’ll put you in the Necklace of Laurel. You will be safe in its center stone. You’ll know where you are but you won’t be heard by humans.” Ice walked over to a high boy chest in the corner of the room and pulled open one of the drawers. Her hands lifted out a beautifully ornate metal box. She opened the box and pulled out the necklace. She placed the box back into the chest and walked back to the couch and took a seat. The necklace glittered in Ice’s hands then she placed it on the coffee table in front of her.

P laughed out loud. “Are you going to wear me between your breasts? Now how ironic is this.”

Ice grew tired of P’s constant ribbing and that’s when the pain hit her. She yelled at P “Jump into the necklace’s center stone now!”


“Hind yourself now!” P knowing Ice well enough moved the purple cloud swiftly to the center stone and settle inside.

The room exploded into a mix of lighting, snowflakes and mist. The roar of this storm went on for a few minutes. Ice lowered her head but hardened her eyes on the immortal standing before her. In her mind she willed P to be quiet and then she took a fighting stance.

The storm died down around a very tall dark immortal in all black with a full length black fur coat. He looked like a black panther ready to pounce. In his left hand he carried a crystal walking cane with a silver knob on top.

“Icy dream how have you been and what do we have here?” The immortal lifted the necklace from the table with his cane in front of Ice.

“Haden I don’t remember inviting you here but I’ll thank you for handing me my necklace.” She clasp the necklace around her neck quickly and ask “Why are you here?”

“My little Icy Pop I want P’s remains back. Where are they?” Haden walked over to the window. He acted totally bored by his surroundings.

“I’m sure they are between two icy mounds someplace.” Ice smiled at herself for her coy little joke.

“So the great Ice Queen wishes to play games with me. Remind yourself that you are my toy not the other way around.” He moved walking out of the room but Ice’s eyes never left him.

“Maybe you need to remember.” He turned and pointed his cane at Ice. Lighting ripped through Ice’s body bringing her to her knees. Images of a body floating face down in a lake flipped like slides in her mind. Wind, snowflakes and thunder blasted the room then Haden was gone.

On stunned legs Ice made it up from the floor. Her body was still convulsing from the terror released up on her mind. She placed a hand on the necklace as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

To be continued.......


Walker said...

Wow this is very good.
Shopping blah LOL

Ms. Vickie said...

You have talent but I wonder if there just might be more than talent driving this.....

Great stories.:)

Lora_3 said...

L turns on her Scarlet voice and says
"Why Ms.Vickie I do not know to what you regard?"
"As God as my witness I'll never go hungry again" Ok Scarlet back in the box.

Hey P started it!

Be safe...

Ms. Vickie said...

Oh I have no doubt P started it---He is very very good with starting things----like my imagination. :)

He sent me here.

You really do have talent...and I hope you don't mind that I am going to be around checking you out.

Well your writing that is. :)