Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dusty Roads

Castle Hill Stories

Dusty Roads


Dust filled the air behind the Ford pickup truck on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Indiana. Mellencamp was singing about not being done with the night as Lauren drove the pickup truck to meet a friend about a house for rent. As the truck popped up over the raise Lauren could see the house and she was happy to find it in good order so far. She could see her friend Peanut sitting on the tailgate of his truck in the driveway. The truck whipped into the driveway along with the dust cloud.

Lauren jumped out of the truck, straightens her jeans and pulled her jacket tight. The gravel crunched under her boots as she walked toward Peanut. He looked shaky and nervous.

“Damn Peanut its cold, you could have waited for me inside the house.” Lauren said and half laugh at Peanut sitting there.

“I’m not going in that house. I really don’t know if this is a good idea Lauren.” Peanut blushed as he spoke to Lauren like he always did.

“Peanut my Mother is moving back to Indiana and she needs a place to move to. The price your Dad gave me over the phone is right so what could be wrong. The roof isn’t falling off.” Lauren said with a look of determination on her face as she placed her hands in her coat pockets.

“Just Dad didn’t tell you everything. This was my aunt’s house and she wasn’t right in the head. Look there is foot an a half salt circle all the way around this house. Who in there right mind does something like this. Also she’s been dead for 5 years and the salt circle is still here. Why? Lauren in 5 years my Dad has rented this place seven times and nobody stays more than a week.” Peanut adjusted his hat and got off the tailgate.

“Are you saying the house is haunted Peanut?” Lauren was laughing as she started walking toward the front door.

“No I’m not saying that. I’m saying there is something weird about this place.”

Lauren laughed and said “Give me the key.”

Peanut handed Lauren the key. She walked up the stairs to the porch but Peanut stayed in the yard. Before she placed the key in the door she turned back to Peanut.

“You going to show me the house or not?


“Fine.” In a huff Lauren took the key and opened the door. She walked in but felt nothing out of the ordinary. She checked through all the rooms, bathroom and kitchen. The place was clean. She walked out the back door and down the stairs to the patio. She knew her mother would love the patio and it would be a great place for her little sister to play. There was a big red barn up against the back fence. Beyond the fence she could see part of a pond and cows out in the field. Lauren took in the fact that the house set in a valley between two tree covered hills. A big mansion could be seen on the top of the right hill. Lauren had no idea who lived there.

Done with her tour Lauren followed the salt circle around to the front of the house. Peanut was back sitting on the tailgate of his truck. He looked up at her as she came around the house.

“So who lives in the big house on the hill?” Lauren asked.

“You mean mansion and I have no clue who lives there.” Peanut was getting more frustrated by the minute.

“Maybe your Dad knows.”

“Nobody knows. See I told you, this place is weird.”

“Peanut you don’t make a very good drama queen so knock it off. Your Dad said he’d show my Mom how to use the tractor to mew the grass. I take it the tractor is in the barn.” Lauren turned to stare at the barn. A dark shadow went across the barn as Peanut and Lauren looked in its direction.

“Did you see that?”

“It was a cloud moving in from of the sunlight Peanut. What’s wrong with you?” Lauren turned back around to look at Peanut. She was growing tired of his behavior.

“It’s this place. It scares me. And before you ask I don’t know why. There is just a feeling I get when I’m here.” Peanut shivered.

“Fine! My Mom will take the house.” Lauren stated as she placed her hands on her hips.

Peanut said nothing just shock his head and headed for his truck. As Lauren and Peanut left down the country gravel road tiny blue flames started dancing out of the salt circle. Peanut and Lauren didn’t see them in their rearview mirrors. They also didn’t see the man in the back field on a black horse.

To be continued…..


Vickie said...

Damn girl you are talented----so when will I see a book coming out that you have written. Even if you want to start with short stories---you have so much talent.

Damn I am envious--, I know a bad characteristic but I admit it----a compliment to you.

Hope you have a great week. :)

Walker said...

I second Vickie's motion.
This one sounds great already.
You have a great imagination.

Chunky Monkey said...

Ha HA Mom! That character so suites Peanut! Ecspecially the blushing part. By the way he is married with a baby now.

Tony said...

ooooo! Blue flames are my favorite kind. Lauren sounds sassy and hot... can't wait to see her put some of that to good use.

Lora_3 said...

Tony: Chunky Monkey is Lauren so you better watch out! LOL

Be safe...