Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Kiss

Stories from the Ice Castle
The Kiss


She slumped over right as the limo reached the air field. Tracy had been a Bond Girl for some time and had been through a lot. As her breathing got slower and her eyes heavy she knew this was different.

“Q something’s terribly wrong!” She tries to stay focused.

Q sat up and studied Tracy’s face “When did this start?”

“Right after I handed you the necklace” Tracy said.

Q looked in his hands at the necklace and wondered what magic along with P that it concealed. He leaned forward and carefully clasp the necklace back around Tracy’s neck. The color came back to her in moments. She sat up and looked at the other Bond girls.

“Wow! I feel fabulous now.” Then she began laughing really hard and the other ladies just stared at her. “Oh come on, P’s between my boobs and I feel…well I’d rather not say.” Tracy giggled out as she placed a hand over her mouth.

All the Bond Girls were laughing and glad Tracy was herself again.

“Ladies lets get our hormones in order and up to the plane quickly. Miss Moneypenny is there waiting to hear the news. Also we have a problem to solve.” Q stepped out of the limo heading toward the plane and the Bond Girls followed step.

At the gallery Ice had evade Haden and made it to a court yard garden. The trees were lit with tiny twinkle lights that cast a glow to the snowy ground. She took a seat on a bench and waited for him. Ice’s lips turned a dark blue which was a sign of danger near but she was going to make sure Haden would be the one to suffer this time.

He step out of the gallery and walked to her slowly. “Come now Ice, don’t be so blue. I would never hurt my favorite pet” he grinds and chuckled at Ice.

“What did P do to you?” She needs to know why a soul collector broke rules to go after a human.

“He helped a woman that I wanted. He showed her how to take a different road diverting her from me.” He huffed out his response while looking down at Ice setting on the bench.

“Poor Haden, so lonely and bored playing with humans now? Isn’t that what you said about me? Rules are rules sweetheart and P doesn’t belong to you.” She gave Haden her classic cold stare then raised from the bench.

He pulled her into his arms. “Will you play with me Ice my darlin’!”

She raised her head and placed her lips to his. She deepened the kiss and tasted him. For a moment, memories of being human entered her mind. The she softly withdrew from him.


Snowflakes filled the place between them and Ice was gone.

To be continued.....


Ms. Vickie said...

WOW is all I can say, you are talented and I am so glad P send me your way.
Oh and thanks for the necklace. :)
now hurry I'm ready for more---nothing like a great bitcu Bond Girl.

Ms. Vickie said...

Geez--Bitchy Bond Girl

ecllc said...

You are a gifted storyteller and your words are amazingly vivid. An excellent "second blog". Please keep it up!!


Lora_3 said...

LOL Vickie the necklace makes Tracy horny not bitchy.

Now how can I put Andrew in the story? Hmmmm....

Walker said...


I agree with everyone here, you are very talented.