Friday, February 16, 2007

Full Circle

Stories from the Ice Castle
Full Circle

Green grass was growing under their feet but no one cared because the party was about to get into full swing. Archie and his guys had meat on the grill. The Bond Girls were dancing in and out of the house with stuff for the party. Miss Moneypenny stood at the door welcoming guest. The refrigerator was being restocked by Mike while P made Q a drink.

“Do you think we’ll ever know what really happened that morning?’ Q asked as P handed him his drink.

“The girls got pretty silver bracelets with a snowflake hanging from them, Mike has a permanent blue mark on his wrist and I got a year and a half of my life back. Maybe we don’t need to know.” P stated and then down his glass.

“I guess your right. However, that sword is very impressive on your shelf there in the corner. How did Mike come by it?” Q turned his head to look at the Dragon sword. The last time he had seen it Mike was welding it saving them from Haden.

“From what I gather Mike swiped it from Ice. He said he had a feeling that it might come in handy.” A smile came across P’s face as he looked at Q.

“Thank God Mike has his talents.” Q said and both men chuckled.

The day progressed on. Everyone was eat, drinking and tell stories. P was relishing this time with his friends. He never knew such love and caring would be given to him by friends. A knock came at the door so P left his friends to answer it. He pulled the door open and a very tall woman stood on the other side. Her long hair had blonde streaks running through it but it was her green eyes P noticed. She held a floral wrap cactus in her hands.

“Floral delivery” said the woman.

“Thank you! Wait let me give you a tip.” P stated as he stared into those green eyes.

“Not required. Enjoy the lovely day”

“Why don’t you stay? We have plenty food and drinks. It will be fun. Stay.”

“Sorry, I have other deliveries but thank you.” The woman started walking to the road.

P watched her walk down his driveway and as she started walking on the road he yelled “One of these days you need to tell us all what happened Ice.”

The woman turned to face P. She smiled and winked at him but kept walking up the road.

P closed the door and took the cactus to his kitchen. As he took the paper off he noticed a bottle of bourbon was inside with the plant. He pulled the bottle out and noticed the note attached. A smile came across his face as he read the note.

“Nothing like a cactus and a bottle of bourbon to get you through. Be safe…Ice”

Chuckling to himself he placed the card down on the table. He opened the bourbon and took a drink.

The End

(Authors note: I hope you enjoyed the story. There's another story that's been brewing in my head for about a year I'd like to work on here real soon. Don't worry I'm sure P and Ice will get into trouble together real soon. Be safe...)


Vickie said...

I always like parties---but this one leaves me a little sad. I hope it will not be long before you are here again with more of your talent.

Although I really think you should think long and hard about publishing these...they are GOOD.

Take care and you know I'll be waiting for your next story.

Walker said...

This was exellent and I enjoyed it very much.
I would be nice if you could put all the posts together then maybe link them on your sidebar to be read over and over.

Lora_3 said...

So if I do what you ask Mr. Walker what are you going to do for me? Hmmm

Vickie if we had this party what country would we have it in?

Be safe...

Walker said...

What would you like?