Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stories from the Ice Castle

Gallery Night


Ice melts in a glass of ice tea that sets waiting by three monitors on the desk. Q walks in pulls up his trousers a bit before taking a seat. He clicks away for a few moments on the keyboard checking information on the three different screens. He rubs his chin with his hand as he plans his next move.

With the mouse he clicks open a screen to send a message to the Bond Girls.

: Ladies Ice will be at the Gallery opening tonight at 8. Face to face is the only way to get answers from her. Text me when contact is made. Q!

Q backed his chair away from the desk and said to himself “P my friend will get you back”

People chatting and music filled the air inside the art gallery. Ice stroked a finger over the title card as she read Josh’s name. Ice loved seeing the world through Josh’s photography. She had lots to do but she couldn’t miss his opening tonight. She looked up from a picture to see the Bond Girls on both sides of her.

“Ladies, I’m so glad you’re here.” The Ice queen stated with a smile. Pain was growing in her head which meant Haden was close. Ice couldn’t believe her luck but she knew what to do. Removing the necklace from herself she placed it on the closest Bond Girl.

“Now ladies you have what you came for but only I can unlock it. Flee now before the
Soul collector finds P.” Ice was harsh but she had to get them and the necklace out of the gallery.

“What Soul collector?”

Then a very tall well dressed man turned the corner with an evil snare on his face.

“Ladies walk away slowly and leave the gallery. I’ll find you later.” Ice spoke to the Bond girls but her eyes never left Haden. She smiled at the ladies and then walked on down the row of pictures.

As the Bond Girl made their way outside of the gallery a limo pulled up. The driver opened the back door and Q stepped out. The lady that Ice had granted the necklace to stepped forward and handed it to Q. He studied the center stone then motioned the girls into the car.

Ice caught a glimpse of the limo leaving as she turned to face Haden.

To be continued…..

(Authors note: I rushed this so it might not be wonderful. Sorry...)


Ms. Vickie said...

Rush well don't slow down :)

Great writing as I said on your last one.

Walker said...

This is getting better and better