Sunday, February 11, 2007


Stories from the Ice Castle

A warm breeze floated across the water then up to the beach. Ice sat on the beach letting the water lap up on her toes. She sat there on the beach with her head back looking at the stars in the night sky. Her body morphed out of the Ice Queen and into her true self. Her hair was streaked blonde and her skin was tan. She wore a bronze colored one piece bathing suit with a sheer wrap skirt. She was happy in her stolen moment of freedom.

The older woman carried a concerned look on her face as she walked toward Ice. She stopped just feet from her and said “Skia why are you here child?”

Ice turned her head and chuckled but she didn’t answer the older woman. She turned her head back to watch the moonlight dance across the water.

“Hiding out! Oh I see, Haden awoke your human emotions Skia.” The woman had images from Ice’s thoughts running through her mind. She smiled at them.

“Pearl, don’t use those against me. I have enough on my plate.” Ice stood and faces the older woman.

“Skia the answer you contemplate is love but you already knew that. Setting a soul back is easy but you don’t want to watch.”

“You know what all those emotions whirling around will do to me.”

“It will only prove that your heart isn’t made of ice.”

“There has to be another way to bring P back and change things.”

“Afraid not Skia. And don’t forget the one that you tricked.” Pearl raised an eyebrow at Ice and then turned and walked on up the beach.

Ice fell down on the beach and acted like she was died for a moment. She cursed and then sat up. Snapping her fingers her cell phone appeared. Within two rings Tracy was on the phone.

Tracy have the Bond Girls and Q met me at the Trans Gardens at 7:10.”

“Ice what? Why then? And why can’t I take this necklace off with out being deathly ill?”

“Oh!” Ice had to laugh. “Tracy, P would rather hang between your boobs then have Q fondle him. Figures, right? To answer your other questions the gardens is a great out door space which I need and the time is sunrise. I needed to go pick up Mike but I’ll be there.”

Ice hung up on Tracy not wanting to answer any more questions. She rolled her eyes wondering what kind of shape Mike would be in. Laying there on the sand she decide she take a few more moments of freedom before finding out.

Archie’s house was a woman’s worse nightmare. There were dirty dishes, empty bottles and large men pasted out everywhere. Ice walked in and rolled her eyes to the sky. Ice was back to her reddish brown hair. Her skin glistened like snow as well did her white evening gown. Her white full length fur coat had the collar flipped up in back. Mike opened one eye with the realization that the Ice Queen was in Archie’s house.

“You, I want P’s box back. You’re not right in the head for taking that from me. Do you eat human bones? Is that how you have magic?” Mike looked at the tall Ice Queen with fear on him face.

“Mike I know you don’t have any reason to but you’re going to have to trust me.” Ice snapped her fingers and Mike had on clean clothes. His face was shaven and his hair was combed.

“You ask me to trust you and then you dress me funny. Lauren is a girls name, these aren’t girls clothes are they? I bought a coat once…” Ice placed her hand over Mike’s mouth before he could say another word.

“Take my hand. We needed to go see P.” Snowflakes and Mike’s screams whirled away into nothing.

To be continued…..


Walker said...

This is going great. Reading three in a row was like sitting back in a chair and reading a novel. Can't wait for the next part.

Take care :)

Lora_3 said...

Walker: Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you like my story since "you started it!" LOL

You should write a book and call it "Memoirs of a Poker Game"

Be safe...

Vickie said...

Another great one, I agree with Walker it is like reading a chapter in a novel you are writing.

You have the talent to write one that is for certain....and now we have a sword you can use in it---one Mike does not like. :)

Take care and we will chat with you soon.

Lora_3 said...

Poor Mike!

I'm so bummed. Nobody asked me what "Skia" means. And it jump out at me by accident.

Be safe...

Vickie said...

Oh no we can not have you bummed---well not for long...

Getting down on my knees, please oh please Ice what is "skiea"

BTW I like the necklace---it fits just right and well P is right at home---but he wants to wander other places...:)

Walker said...

SKIA= Sexy Kitten In America LOL

Lora_3 said...

I was looking up something and part of the word came from the Greek word Skia. Skia in Greek means "Shadow"

I thought it was funny so I used it.


Be safe...

Vickie said...



See you later :)