Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stories from the Ice Castle

White powder snow littered the ground around the water fountain. Light streamed through the spraying array of water. Birds sang from distant branches and in the sky the sun was rustling in its bed about to make its self known.

Quietly on a park bench Mike unbutton a few buttons of his long leather coat. He stared at the Ice Queen wondering what troubled her so. Her eyes filled with tears while staring at the statue in the fountain. The statue was that of a girl with one hand raised to the heavens and the opposite foot lifted back as in dance. It was Ice’s daughter but on this morn it was better to forget then remember the past.

“You’re nothing like I thought you’d be” Mike broke the silents of the bench.

Ice turned from the statue and walked toward the bench. She reached down and took Mike’s chin in her hands. He looked up at her unsure if he should fear her but she just smiled at him. She sat down beside him but her eyes stayed on the statue.

“Surely your not cold but your lips are turning a darker shade of blue.” He stared at her lips but she didn’t move.

Ice moved her eyes to the left and caught sight of Q, Miss Moneypenny and the Bond Girls strolling up the path toward the statue. But straight in front of her on the opposite side of the statue she saw Haden just at the tree line. Ice looked down at the gravel in front of her and saw a pearl amongst the stones. She smiled knowing this was her sign.

Flipping back her white fur coat Ice pulled out the Dragon sword and laid it on the bench between Mike and her. Mike’s eyes were screaming “O Shit” but she didn’t have time to explain herself to him. The party was about to begin.

In a flurry of snowflakes Ice was up and on Haden in a blink. He snarled at her as she raised her hands. Now the statue that everyone stared at was the frozen Haden.

“Mike get over here I don’t have much time.” Ice waved Mike over to Q and the Bond Girls. Mike jumped up off the bench and stood next to Pussy Galore his favorite Bond girl.

Tracy the necklace looks good on you but I need it now.” Ice walked up to Tracy and held out her hand.

“We needed to talk about P first Ice before we’re handing over the necklace.” Q said as he walked to stand by Tracy.

“I need Tracy to take off that necklace right now, then I need all of you to place your hands on it and think about the love you have for this human. And I need you to do it now!” Over Ice’s shoulder the ice was cracking on Haden.

Gently Tracy removed the necklace while the others moved around to place their hands on the necklace. Mike had his hand on the necklace but his eyes were watching Ice. The edges of her face had a tint of blue. She bent down to her knees and raised her hands to the sky. The wind whirled around the group.

“Ok, ladies give P all that love I’ve heard you bragging about for all of these years.” Q looked in the eyes of the women with worry.

Emotions were feeding the power to regenerate P but Ice’s powers were melting away. Haden lifted both arms to the sky and groaned. Lightning shot out of Haden’s hands and moved down to firer into Ice. The pain of bad memories cascade down Ice’s body As she withered on the ground Haden’s assault ceased. His was on the move for the necklace.

Miss Moneypenny screamed as Haden got close to the group but they held their grip to the necklace. A growl left Hadens mouth right before he maneuvered himself to snatch the necklace. He was too late. The group fell to the ground because the necklace was gone.

“Hey mister, need so help?” P’s voice brought shrieks from the crowd. Mike ran to his friend P’s side and placed a hand on his shoulder as Haden turned to square off. Mike reached inside his coat and pulled out the Dragon sword.

“No more! I’ve had enough goofy stuff in the past few days to give me nightmares for the rest of my life. I’ll I want is my friend back.” With those words red sparks shot out of the end of the sword and Haden disappeared.

P’s big hearty laugh filled the outdoors as he hugged Mike and said “Damn I’m glad to be back.

The ladies run and jumped all over P. Mike moved so Q and Miss Moneypenny could get in closer to P. As he stepped back Mike realized Ice was still on the ground. So he walked over and bent down to check on her. He picked up her hand and placed it in his but of course she was cold.

“P, Ice is still down.”

Because of the crowd in front of him P couldn’t see where Mike was so he said “What ever you do don’t touch her. She hates it when humans touch her.”

“Now you tell me...”

To be continued…..


Walker said...

This is great, you should be writing this amd selling it.
You keep the suspense going :)

Lora_3 said...

I think I needed to write a story about P being an insomniac!

Be safe...

Vickie said...

I think P is onto something---you should be selling this. It really is great. I'll be waiting for the next part---but damn I miss the necklace. :)

Take care.

Lora_3 said...

Vickie you just called Walker "P'. Do you know something I don't? Walker your not "P" are you? Damn why didn't somebody tell me!

Walker are we suppose to call Vickie "Doug" or "Miss Cupper"?

Be safe...

Walker said...

Actually there really was a Doug Cupper LOL
It was the person who shipped the box from where it was ordered.
Atcually My real name is Taki so I cant be "P"