Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Human or Blood Bank

Castle Hill Stories
Human or Blood Bank
Time was moving on. Trin didn’t miss her father so much because she was enrolled in a wonderful preschool. Lauren had adjusted to having her Mom tell what time to come home. Dawn was working hard at her new job and even harder on making her house a home. She bought used furniture from junk store and yard sales to fix up for her house. Also she resold some items at a little shop in town.

The spring rains had come and the salt circle had never melted. At times Dawn and Lauren would be standing in front of the sink looking out the window at the circle. However they never said a word to each other about it. They also never discussed a man they had both seen from time to time in the back field.

Whatever had made her faint the day she moved in it hadn’t reoccurred and she was happy about that. She only had a few new strange things going on with her. She sometimes would wish she didn’t have to get up to shut off a light and it would turn off on its own. She started reading people better then normal. When the phone would ring Dawn always had known who it was but now she knew what they wanted too. These things didn’t bother her. She just wrote then off as her.

Fall came and everything changed one night. Dawn had stopped by a shop in town that was a reseller for some of her furniture crafts. They had some money for her so Dawn was in a good mood. She decided to treat herself with a great cup of coffee at a local bistro.

She walked in the bistro and placed her order. At the counter she spoke to a few people she knew about the fall festival coming up. She saw a nice looking gentleman sitting in a booth reading the newspaper. He caught her eye in seconds. Her coffee was up so she made her goodbyes and walked outside. The gentleman at the booth folded his paper and made his way out the door. Dawn was waiting for him.

“Human or blood bank?” Dawn blurted out.

The man turned his head back to look at Dawn with a smile on his face. “Pardon me?”

Dawn kicked a rock in front of her on the sidewalk and said “You heard me. Human or blood bank?”

“Blood bank.”

A blue bubble force field engulfed Dawn but she knew that humans couldn’t see it. The man in front of her could. She gave him a hard stare and said “Keep it that way.” Dawn turned and walked on down the street to her car.

The man shouted to her “It was nice meeting you too.” He repositioned the newspaper under his arm and walked on down the street in the opposite direction.

To be continued.....


Walker said...

Now I want to know what the blue light.
She has the "Force" YES

Have a nice day

Lora_3 said...

Walker I'll let you in on a little secret, all women have the "Force".

Be safe...